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🍲 A delicacy of La Bóta del Racó are the artichokes baked in the oven with vinaigrette, one of the favorite dishes of our guests.

🌼 Artichokes are for many people their favorite foods. As it is known, its name comes from the Arabic al-kharshûf; but they are also known as alcauciles (also arcacil, alcacil and alcací) deriving this from Arabic al-qabsíl.

🍴 It is not a vegetable or vegetable as you might think. It is a flower of the artichoke, a plant that gives these curious flowers. They are consumed when they are still a cocoon and have not been opened.

🍛 The origin of the artichoke can be found, like many other foods, in ancient Egypt. And of course from there they embarked on the rest of the ancient Empire of Rome. The artichoke was given great importance because of its aphrodisiac powers and takes its name from a girl seduced by Zeus, and then transformed by this into artichoke.

También en: esEspañol caCatalà

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