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A day like any other. Stop being so for the fact that a few energumenos decided it that way. Sowing death, hurt and pain, right and left in the Rambla de las estudios and the Rambla de las flores in Barcelona.

What does this have to do with us and our social networks?

Well, simply, that, after so many years in the profession of restoration. In one of the most emblematic restaurants of Barcelona. “La Bóta del Racó”.

Caring for the clientele. Striving to serve you. Come where they come from. Trying to make them, happy, stay at that time as dedicated as it is the food or dinner.

Go these …. Dilapidate and convulse this great city with those illogical, irrational and unjustified acts.

To this great city that indiscriminately welcomes all cultures, ethnic groups and religions.

Without asking for anything in return. Just ask them to be happy and welcome. Telling them: This is your house!

They do not scare us. With those acts.

We will achieve what we most want, what is most desired, with them or without them.

We are very trained citizens. In getting up every morning. Very soon … Very soon … to go to work. Being in a very small country, that enhances the character of its people with their illusions, their ideals, and their projects.

Let them know!

José Pascual

También en: esEspañol caCatalà

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