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Fortunately there are many customers and friends who follow us on our social networks and are witnesses day by day of the growth of our restaurant and, if this is your case, it is more than likely that at some point you have seen a post related to a current called “Slow Food” but do you really know what we are talking about?

Back in the 80’s was born in Italy this famous movement to counter the opposite philosophy established by the big fast food chains: Fast Food. In response to this, many food advocates mobilized trying to spread a new gastronomic ideology called Slow Food. This current defends that you have to savor each bite while delighting in our sense of taste without haste of any kind since, in addition to making us enjoy the authentic gastronomy by giving it the attention it deserves, the fact of eating calmly and without stress of any kind It is healthier than you could ever imagine.

At La Bóta del Racó we are unconditional supporters of this movement and we aim for our clients to enjoy our first quality gastronomy. During lunch or dinner there is no rush of any kind, just enjoy savoring each bite to the fullest and giving you those deserved and pleasant moments that you deserve so much.

También en: esEspañol caCatalà

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