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Where does Christmas originate? What is your true message? Have you ever wondered where this famous holiday comes from?

There are many people who meet every December 24 to celebrate Christmas Eve but do we really know where Christmas comes from?

Today, Christmas is the most important celebration for the Christian community that, every December 25, celebrates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth (although, making a countdown from his death, it can be dated that Jesus was born really in the beginning of Autumn of the year 2 before our era).

However, different people – many of them alien to any type of religion – meet every year with their most beloved friends and relatives to celebrate this famous date. Some say that the origin of Christmas is due to the ancient celebration of the birth of the Sun God in the winter solstice for the Romans, date adopted by the Catholic Church in the third century after Christ so that pagan peoples could convert to Catholicism . However, at present and with the arrival of figures such as Santa Claus, the people of the West have adapted Christmas by adding a strong component much more commercial and moving a little away from the more religious connotations.

However, do we know who Santa Claus really is? Are we sure we know the authentic origin of Santa Claus? This famous character, as we know it today, is inspired by the figure of Bishop Nicolás de Bari who lived in Turkey in the 4th century and who was famous for his immense generosity towards the poorest people (especially children). Over the years, De Bari became such a beloved person for his generosity that he became a patron saint of Turkey, Russia and Greece. So famous was its history that, many years later, modern culture adopted its figure to make it possibly the most famous and identifiable symbol of Christmas.

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También en: Español Català

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