The Barcelona Mobile world Congress arrives in our city

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What is the Barcelona Mobile World Congress?


Each year, different companies bring us closer and closer to technology through events such as the Barcelona Mobile World Congress, a great celebration (the largest in the world within this sector) made up of different companies, distributors and manufacturers that show us the different advances and new developments in the field of telephony.


The Barcelona Mobile World Congress annually gathers more than 2,000 companies and 150,000 people who attend the event interested in knowing first-hand the progress in the world of telephony which, to this day, none of us has managed to be foreign.

From 26 to 1 March this fair will take place in our city and, as it could not be otherwise, La Bóta del Racó opens its doors to anyone who wants to enjoy good Catalan cuisine throughout the days when Barcelona Mobile World Congress will continue to surprise us. Therefore, we encourage you to combine this fantastic event with the best lunches and dinners from our hand. We will be at your disposal at any time!

We wait for you in our restaurant!

También en: Español Català