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Next Sunday, May 6, comes-once again-the mother’s day. A wonderful day to spend with that woman who has done so much for us throughout our lives.

Many of us like the idea of ​​making a good gift on this special day. However, many times we find that we do not know what to give our mother exactly. For this reason in La Bóta del Racó we give you five ideas to give on Mother’s Day.

1. A good book is always a good gift.

Nothing like immersing yourself in a good novel and increasing our knowledge and wisdom thanks to a good book. In La Bóta del Racó we are faithful defenders of reading since those who have a book have a treasure. That is why on our list of gifts for Mother’s Day could not miss this option.

2. Personalized mug

Originality to power! Different printers and specialized shops will be happy to offer you the possibility of making your own personalized mug with a phrase or your photograph so that, each morning, your mother can enjoy a good breakfast remembering how much you love her.

3. Fashion and accessories

Make her feel even more comfortable and sure of herself with a nice summer dress, a good matching bag or a practical makeup bag for special occasions of all kinds.

4. Relax day

She deserves any whim, that’s why there’s nothing like spending a day together and enjoying a good session of relaxation and disconnection in the hands of a good masseuse or a spa circuit. Difficult to resist, right?

5. A fabulous dinner at La Bóta del Racó.

And, of course, I could not miss a good lunch or a good family dinner. Make you enjoy the best Catalan cuisine in one of the most picturesque and best rated restaurants in Barcelona. At Bóta del Racó we will be happy to offer you the best deal and a wonderful lunch or dinner that you will love.

Have some of our ideas been useful? Surely yes! On behalf of the entire team, we wish you a happy Mother’s Day and enjoy it not only today but every day of the year because, as you already know, there is only one mother.

IMPORTANT NOTE: That day we will attend only and exclusively to the letter.

También en: Español Català