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The calçotada of Barcelona every year is lived with great intensity. There are few tourists who travel to the city looking to enjoy our good cuisine . And if we talk about Catalan food we cannot ignore this delicious dish. But do you really know what are calçots ? Yes, it is true that it is typical Catalan food but what are they really? Well, it is nothing more and nothing less than tender, white and sweet onions that practically everyone likes.
The high content of water, fiber and carbohydrates make this dish one of the most nutritious for diners.

Its origin dates back to the 19th century, when a farmer from Tarragona discovered them when grilling the tender shoots that had been born from an onion, accompanying them with a delicious sauce that is still the ideal complement for this Typical Catalan dish.
Over the years the technique has been perfected to become the calçots that we know today, without ruling out that it is still being investigated to create new and tasty variations.

Calçotada of Barcelona, ​​calçots season

What is a calçotada and what is it? It is likely that you have ever wondered, especially if you do not reside in our city. Well, we call calçotada one of the most iconic parties in Barcelona in which many friends and family gather to enjoy a good lunch consisting of typical Catalan food. Of course the calçots are not lacking, being enjoyed by each and every one of the family members who decide to join this celebration.

The calçots season runs from November to April . However, when this dish is consumed the most, it is during the month of January, February and March. Calçots are usually planted in mid-August or early September . In this way the plantation would culminate at the end of October so that in that period it is ready to be ingested by all those people who want to enjoy its fantastic flavor.

Baked Calçots


The preparation of baked calçots is usually the favorite of our guests. Although we try to give it our special touch, elaborating them in this way is much simpler than it might seem at first.
To find out if the calçots are at their point we can check if they release some water during the time they remain in the oven. It is also good to prick them with a fork once they have left the oven to know if they are ready.

Romesco sauce, the calçots sauce that everyone likes


The sauce of the calçots is one of the fundamental parts to enhance its flavor. In that sense romesco sauce is the ideal seasoning for this dish. Created in Tarragona, Romesco sauce has become one of the most typical and iconic in Catalonia. As with Xató sauce , its preparation is quite simple, and there are different variants when it comes to making it, there are currently endless versions of this fantastic sauce.

The best ‘calçotadas’ in ‘La Bóta del Racó’

In our restaurant we try our best to make our customers completely satisfied. For us the calçots season is one of the most special moments of the year. That’s why we try to make diners enjoy our calçots and Romesco sauce to the fullest , which, with love, we prepare for them. Are you prepared to enjoy the best Catalan cuisine?

También en: Español Català