La Bóta del Racó | A place to spend the Christmas holidays

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Years pass and in “La Bóta del Racó” we want to continue accompanying you in the most special moments.

On dates like those that approach family and friends, they must be united and enjoy an unforgettable evening. That is why we want to inform you that during the month of December we will be available to serve you as you deserve with the most varied and exquisite Catalan gastronomy.

And it is that there are few customers who, over the years, have decided to spend Christmas or start the new year enjoying good food and the best company.

If you want to spend an unforgettable evening, in La Bóta del Racó we will be happy to offer you our special menus for celebrations and, of course, to welcome you with open arms. Do you want to spend Christmas with us? We will wait for you!

RESERVATIONS: 934 56 60 01

También en: Español Català

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