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Trinxat de la Cerdanya is a typical dish from La Cerdaña, in the Catalan Pyrenees. In Puigcerdá the trinxat party is celebrated in February, where many people are tasting this dish.

It is a dish that has been prepared in the region since the 15th century . Made from boiling potatoes and cabbage, well mixed and crushed, fried with bacon. Fried garlic can be added if desired. A great recipe with just 4 ingredients.

It is an ideal calorific dish for those winter days when you arrive tired or tired from working. However, can be eaten at any time of the year . Its appearance is that of a small omelette with a touch of dark green caused by cabbage. We hope you like it and you can enjoy this great dish.

History of the Trinxat de la Cerdanya

Inside this mixture of meat and vegetables there is the history of a territory , a unique and mountainous landscape, and of people dedicated to livestock and agriculture (especially among mountains) that gave rise to to this type of recipe.

Explain how difficult it was to live in the not-so-distant past. Cabbage was one of the only vegetables resistant to the colder months, so trinxat was quite a popular dish in country houses . This is because it is a fairly simple dish to make, cheap and also that can be used.

Nowadays it is very easy to find trinxat in any restaurant in the Catalan cities as it is a very popular dish that has never lost its magic . In addition, as we have already said, since 1996 the famous Trinxat Festival has been celebrated for its popularity in Puigcerdá in February.

Ingredients Trinxat de la Cerdanya

Being a simple dish, we will need very few ingredients. In this case, we will put the amount for about four people.

1 Cabbage of 1 kg.
500 grs. of patatos
2 or 3 cloves of garlic
100 grs. Iberian bacon
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper.

How to make Trinxat de la Cerdanya

First of all, it must be clear that the star ingredient in this recipe is cabbage . So the first thing we will do is clean it, removing the thick leaves and cutting it into pieces. We also peel the potatoes and cut them into large pieces, and then wash them .

Next, we will put a pot on the fire with water and, when it starts to boil, add salt. While, in another pot, we cook the cabbage for about 15/20 minutes while we will boil the potatoes more or less the same time, until they begin to undo.

While cooking, cut the bacon and add a few small pieces to the vegetables to give the dish even more flavor. We fry the bacon directly in the pan.

Once it is crispy, we will put the bacon on absorbent paper to remove the excess oil. We will cut and prepare some garlics by gilding them with oil.

Once the vegetables are ready, we remove them from the pot and mash them with a fork. In the frying pan we pass the bacon over the already crushed vegetables.

To finish, it is time to remove and serve this fantastic dish. We can decorate the trinxat by putting the bacon slices on top to give it a more appetizing appearance.

With what to accompany the Cerdanya trinxat

The Cerdanya trinxat does not need much accompaniment since, in itself, it is a very complete dish. However, you can add pork ribs or black butifarra if desired. Well, it is very good, although this is not especially the traditional recipe.

También en: Español Català