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Ingredients Xató sauce

· Ñoras soaked in vinegar.
· 1 teaspoon of red paprika
· 5 cloves of garlic
· 2 tomatoes
· 10 almonds
· 10 hazelnuts
· Olive oil.
· Black pepper.



First of all we have to chop the hazelnuts and the almonds until we create a kind of pasta and pour salt on them.

Then cook the ñora and the tomatoes so that, once they have been quite scalded, we can remove the skin in a much simpler way.

After having crushed the tomatoes, we put them in the skinless ñora and the garlic cloves peeled in the mortar with the black pepper and the red paprika making the different ingredients finish well mixed.

Finally pour the olive oil and vinegar in the mortar and mix everything so that, once we have finished, we can leave the mixture in the refrigerator until it reaches the right temperature. This sauce is ideal to accompany a good touch to different dishes, such as a Xatonada.

También en: Español Català

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