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In addition to making you enjoy the dishes we can offer daily or in your most unforgettable celebrations, at La Bota del Racó we strive to treat our distinguished clients as if they were our own family. That is why we want to share with you some of our recipes or those we consider important to learn so that you can enjoy your diners or your own palate for an unforgettable lunch or dinner.

We hope that this page is of interest and that you learn to cook quality food quickly and easily!


Homemade Alioli – Recipe to prepare a delicious homemade Alioli quickly and easily.


Crema Catalana – Recipe to prepare a delicious Catalan cream quickly and easily.


Escalivada – Recipe to prepare a delicious Escalivada easily and simply.


Xató Sauce – Recipe to prepare a rich Xató Sauce quickly and easily.


Trinxat de la Cerdanya – Recipe to prepare Trinxat de la Cerdanya quickly and easily.


Xató (Sauce) – Recipe to prepare a rich Xató Sauce quickly and easily.


Catalan gastronomy recipes

The typical Catalan gastronomy goes further and further without waiting for it, being tasted in all kinds of countries and making itself known in a surprising way. That is why you have most likely heard of some typical dishes of Catalan gastronomy anywhere other than Catalonia.

Catalonia is well known for its gastronomy, and once you try any of the fabulous typical Catalan dishes, they become almost impossible to forget. Catalan food stands out for its great variety of rice, cereals, fish, legumes, etc. But we cannot forget also its quality. Catalan gastronomy is based on the Mediterranean Diet including a wide variety of products from the mountains, the sea and even from the garden.

On this page, you will discover much more about our Spanish cuisine, delving into and learning to cook each of the recipes of Catalan gastronomy.

Easy cooking recipes

There is nothing like cooking a simple and quality dish. On our website we offer you a great variety of easy cooking recipes that once you make them you will not be able to resist repeating them. We are here to help you learn more about our simple cooking recipes that we have prepared especially for you.

We all like to learn easily and quickly and that is why this is your place, full of tips and instructions so that you too can prepare your best dishes.

We have all kinds of recipes to provide you, from healthy recipes to desserts and vegan recipes, so if you want to prepare any dish here you will find your recipe without any problem and quickly.

Healthy recipes

If you like to keep your body healthy by eating well and without starving, this is your place, we have all kinds of healthy recipes for you to prepare and check for yourself the good taste they have and which leaves you wanting to plus.

At La Bóta del Racó we present you a wide variety of healthy and rich recipes that you will not be able to miss so easily, and that is that healthy is also exquisite, that is why we are here, so that you can also enjoy our fabulous dishes from home.

Here we want to let you know that there are many types of healthy food that you are most likely unaware of and make you settle for very few that we all know, and thanks to the fact that we have realized this, we proposed to what you can become a healthy person eating a wide variety of dishes at home without any problem … Get ready!

Vegan recipes

Currently many of the people become vegan for one reason or another, but some of them are very doubtful on a daily basis … What can I prepare ?. We are here to solve this daily question for you, we teach you vegan recipes that not only can you eat them and vary a little, if not what the rest of the family will be able to enjoy at some other lunch.

You will know our great variety of recipes from your own home and cook them thanks to the ease in which we provide you with our recipes. We are sure that if you try to make them you will want to surprise yourself every day that passes with new tasty dishes.

Desserts recipes

If you are a sweet lover you will love what you will see, you will discover all kinds of dessert recipes that you can easily make at home.

When we are bored at home the first thing we think is to make a dessert to spend the afternoon and even better, enjoy eating it afterwards! You will know and learn to make from the most popular desserts to those that are not so much but that have their essence.

Sweet things never hurt, and less when you have a bad day and you have to sweeten a little, get to know us and have a great time preparing our delicious desserts from home.



También en: Español Català